Record Club

In association with The Vinyl Factory

‘When I die, just keep playing the records.’ Jimi Hendrix

In this poignant and uniquely special edition, we are honoured to host this playlist by the late Howard Marks, who shared his favourite records for the Record Club some months before he sadly passed away in April 2016. Forever remembered as outlaw icon, veteran raconteur and figurehead for counterculture, a former MI6 agent and ‘the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time,’ Howard once held over forty aliases and was best known as Mr Nice. In his later years he was much loved for his spoken word show  ‘Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe,’ and his debate with American activist and poet John Sinclair on his campaign for social justice. From a Welsh mining town to nuclear physics at Oxford University, to solitary confinement in one of America’s toughest federal penitentiaries, Howard shared with us his soundtrack to ‘the good times and the bad.’ In memory of Howard who we felt lucky enough to call a friend, and in the words of Jimi Hendrix and our Record Club motto, ‘just keep playing the records.’

‘Howard Marks has been everywhere, done everything, and seen almost everyone along the way.’ The BBC