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‘When I die, just keep playing the records.’ Jimi Hendrix

With eight records on the theme of ‘love,’ Dinos Chapman of art duo The Chapman Brothers joins the Record Club to mark the release of his new EP Luv2h8. Iconoclastic, satirical, irreverent, psychedelic, technically accomplished, the Chapmans remain arguably the most subversive artists working in Britain today. Working with his brother Jake since their graduation from the Royal College of Art in 1990, Dinos’ body of work embraces sculpture, installation and print-making, to explore with lacerating wit and energy, contemporary politics, religion and morality. Having drawn from artistic icons such as Goya’s Disasters of War, as well as popular icons such as McDonalds, their work derives much of its power from being politically and morally ambiguous, using an inflammatory aesthetic of obscenity and horror to re-examine perceptions of war, genocide, sex, death and consumerism. Dinos recently premiered his mesmerising audio-visual show, a hypnotic series of original short films blending horror, black humour and abstraction, to a searing electronic soundtrack composed and played live by the artist. This follows critical acclaim for his haunting debut album Luftbobler, the result of a decade of experimenting in sound.

‘Remember little ones – the unconscious has its horrors, but they are not anthropomorphic, it is not the sleep of reason which engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality.’ The Chapman Brothers, Bedtime Stories for Sleepless Nights

Luv2h8 and Luftbobler are on release now via The Vinyl Factory.

Dinos for Anton