Record Club

In association with The Vinyl Factory

‘When I die, just keep playing the records.’ Jimi Hendrix

In association with The Vinyl Factory, we invite the pioneers of our time to play us their record collections and celebrate a shared love of music. Our first Record Club is curated by Dave Okumu, producer, guitarist and lead singer of The Invisible, whose debut album was the Critics Choice iTunes Album of Year and nominated for a Mercury Music Award, ‘a towering work enough to captivate even the most desperate souls,’ (BBC Music). The ground-breaking new album ‘Rispah’ is in his own words, ‘a love letter to grief,’ echoing with beautifully-woven-in samples of traditional spirituals sung at his mother's funeral. ‘They approached my mother's body and sang over it, dancing around her coffin. It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. They transformed the atmosphere with sound and the spirit they brought to it, celebrating life and death, grief and hope, all things. This act served as the most potent reminder of everything I believe about music. It's there for everybody, it's inclusive and transformative. I'm so glad these voices are stitched through our record.’ For this Record Club he plays records for a cloudy day.

‘Don't believe the hype about the Invisible, there's more to them than that.’ The Wire