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‘When I die, just keep playing the records.’ Jimi Hendrix

This month’s records are selected by Conrad Shawcross, ‘one of Britain's leading contemporary artists’ (GQ) working at the frontiers of geometry, philosophy, science and sculpture. Drawn to ‘epic mad ambitious projects’ his work often pays tribute to some of the great pioneers and analysts in the history of ideas. Presented at the National Gallery for the Cultural Olympiad, Conrad’s ‘Machina’ sculpture accompanied the Royal Ballet’s ‘Death of Actaeon,’ programmed to mimic the dancers’ movements and respond to the mathematics of the music and the bowing movements of a violin. His ADA project recently premiered at The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, comprising a choreographed mechanical lightwork or ‘light ballet’ inspired by the ‘enchantress of numbers’ Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and pioneer of computer programming, accompanied by a captivating series of audio-visual performances by female musicians from around the world.

‘This is a battle of cold steel and warm nature, of law and compassion, poetry and prose. Shawcross’s cleverness lies in his talent for instilling his machines with feeling.’ The Independent

Loop System Quintet (2006). Oak, steel, mechanical system, lights, dimensions variable. The New Art Gallery, Walsall and Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.